⭐️ POPPY & RALPH ⭐️ – Sniffr Stars of the Month

Meet our fur friends who are on a mission to spread Dalmatian glitter throughout Brisbane - Poppy and Ralph!


Say hello to our March Sniffr Stars – POPPY & RALPH!

Meet Poppy & Ralph!

Poppy and Ralph are a pair of Dalmatians from Brisbane. During a visit to Poppy’s litter, she crawled into her hooman’s lap – and they lived happily ever after. After being an only child for a few months, the hoomans realised all good things come in pairs. Along came Ralph – 10 months old and a menace. They instantly became 2 peas in a pod.

Poppy and Ralph LOVE the beach. Poppy prefers to sit on seats – her hoomans once found her sitting on a stranger (oops!) While Ralph loves running, Poppy refuses to walk if she gets tired mid walk to get carried. Clever girl!

Poppy knows how to sit, lay down, high five, shake, beg, catch, spin. Ralph can sit. Good boy! They have loads of doggy friends and do everything together. It’s quite clear Poppy is the boss. They both love toys – especially the squeaky ones. And will eat EVERYTHING including fruits. However, they only eat when told.

They know a thing or two about dal-struction.

FUN FACT: The staff at their local vet spoil them, so they think the vets is the best place to hang out!

More fun facts about Poppy and Ralph:

• They ride in style
• They are more stylish than Cruella
• Ralph’s a hectic dribbler
• Poppy will do anything for attention
• They know Santa! (Well they met him once)
• Poppy and her hooman once won the egg and spoon race together
• Everything their hoomans own is covered in dog hair — but they call it dalmatian glitter
• Poppy smiles when she gets excited
• The hoomans tried camping once. Poppy and Ralph LOVED it but no one got any sleep…
• They love to open the mail for their hoomans
• They are regularly spotted at Paper Moon Cafe in Annerley
• Sometimes they are allowed on the hooman bed

The Sniffr Team wish Poppy & Ralph all the best spreading Dalmatian glitter throughout Brisbane!

Spot these two dalmaniacs @poppyandralph

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