Become a Sniffr Partner

Here at Sniffr, we are committed to creating a community of dog lovers who have access to the best products, services and advice in Australia.

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When it comes to building a successful business, we all know how much even a little extra exposure can help, so imagine what smart, targeted marketing could do for you?

Sniffr takes the guesswork out of the largely unfiltered digital marketplace of the web, and brings your customers directly to you.

Benefits of listing with Sniffr

Directory Listing:

Sniffr is a website that not only provides useful articles on dog ownership – it is also a directory for people to easily locate a dog-related business within a trusted platform. Businesses are displayed in a directory listing by name, category, and can be discovered through our search function.

Individual/Dedicated Page:

Sniffr Partners will each have a dedicated page on the Sniffr website. This includes featuring your business logo, an ‘About Us’ section of your business (provided by you), and your location. Your page will display links to your website and/or social media accounts, and will display reviews and ratings by Sniffr users.

Rating and Reviews:

All business pages on the Sniffr site will have user ratings and reviews. You will be able to respond to ratings and reviews on your dedicated business page. This will help increase engagement with your brand and address any feedback that may arise.

Leverage our Social Media channels:

Sniffr is heavily supported by our social media channels, which serve as additional platforms for engagement.

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