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TAMIDOGBOX – Australia & New Zealand

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Areas Serviced: Australia wide delivery.

The TAMI DogBox is a German product, built by WOOSUNG, the world’s largest producer of inflatable water sports devices. From surf boards to kayaks, the drop-stitch technology is still relatively unknown, even though the most advanced armies have been using it for their motorboats and speedboats for decades. The material is simple, yet very complex. Thousands of fibers stabilize the walls of the TAMI dog box, while air pressure gives flexibility and elasticity. So, If you hit the brakes hard, or swerve in a curve, or even collide with something, your dog hits the TAMI dog box soft, flexible walls and just cannot get hurt.

The TAMI dog boxes can rightly be labeled “ultralight“. Whereas conventional dog boxes, made from metal, weigh 20 to 30 kilos, the heaviest TAMI dog box tips the scales at about 6 kilos. It can be folded up into a neat package, is easy to carry, and – best of all – simple to store. Storage problems become a thing of the past. You can leave the folded box in the trunk of your car it’s only about 20 centimetres thick. The flexible shell of the TAMI dog box won’t damage the interior of your car. And, of course, the dog box has buckles so that it can be securely anchored to the car when in use. +++ many more features.

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