Hedz Up Pets Watercollars

HedzUPPets Watercollars will keep your pet safe around water.

Hedz Up Pets Watercollars

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Areas Serviced: Australia wide delivery.

The Hedz UP Watercollar is a life preserver for dogs that is a COLLAR, not a life jacket. The Watercollar protects dogs like the human Personal Flotation Device (PFD) protects humans. The manufacturers have engineered the Watercollar using the same high standards established by the United States Coast Guard as the flotation requirements for humans. If your dog should become exhausted, or even unconscious, the Watercollar holds him in a position of safety, with his nose well above the water.

Most life jackets for dogs do not protect your dog from drowning. The jackets are designed to hold the dog in a swimming position. If a dog wearing a life jacket becomes injured, or worse, unconscious, his head will drop into the water. Why buy an uncomfortably hot life jacket for your dog when you can buy a comfortable life saving Watercollar for the same price?

The Watercollar is made of non-absorbent, closed-cell foam with a cotton fabric covering and nylon strapping. You thread your own dog’s collar through the loops on the Watercollar PFD, which allows the light-weight flotation collar to hang away from your dog’s neck, providing freedom of movement and clear sight around water risks. If your dog’s collar will not slip off over his head, the Watercollar PFD is safely attached and will hold his head above water. The hexagonal-shaped Watercollar PFD offers more comfort for the dog and makes it easy to thread the Watercollar onto your own dog’s collar. When the dog is swimming, or if he falls into the water, the straps position the flotation under the chin to keep the dog’s ears and nose above the water. The Watercollar can save your dog from drowning if he should accidently fall into a swimming pool, out of a boat, or off of a dock. And it’s comfortable enough to wear all day, so your dog can play with you on the water all day and stay protected. It can even aid in teaching your dog to swim, so is particularly good for elderly or disabled dogs & dogs that are not natural swimmers.

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