About Us

Welcome to Sniffr, Australia’s most comprehensive site for dog lovers. You’ll find anything and everything K9 related here, from nutrition and health to the latest style and fashion trends for man’s best friend.

Cookie Zeke Boris Ollie

Who We Are

We’re two dog enthusiasts with four dogs between us. Like you, we’re passionate dog owners and treat our dogs as family. We grew up with dogs of various breeds, more recently, a Maltese X – Cookie; and three Finnish Lapphund boys – Ollie, Boris and Zeke.

We are always scouring numerous sites and rely on word of mouth when seeking recommendations for dog products and services, such as dog groomers, dog walkers and pet sitters. We found that information was scattered across various sites and there wasn’t a single place that brought it all together.

This sparked the idea for Sniffr, a one-stop resource for dog lovers.

Our aim is to build an active community of fellow dog lovers and share information for the happiness and wellbeing of your four-legged friend.

What we do

Sniffr is the place to find all things dog. Besides expert tips, advice and news, you’ll also find a comprehensive directory of dog-related businesses and services.

We proudly support high quality local businesses that are just as passionate about the well-being of our four legged friends. We are increasingly finding many small local businesses producing interesting, healthy and well-crafted products. We’re always on the hunt for great new products, services and places of interest, and want to share this with fellow dog lovers.

To us, all dogs are wonderful, whether they’re pure breeds from ANKC-registered breeders or rescue dogs from an animal shelter. Every dog is deserving of love and care, which is why our donation program does not discriminate and aims to help any animal in need. We do not support puppy farms as we advocate responsible breeding and encourage our members to do the same. We also happily support any cause that rescues or rehabilitates dogs and puppies from a puppy farm.

What you’ll find on Sniffr:

  • Informative articles;
  • Helpful advice;
  • Discover the best products and services for your fur child;
  • User ratings and reviews for each business to better determine what suits your pet’s needs;
  • Competitions and giveaways.

We hope you enjoy our site as much as we have bringing it together. If you have any questions, ideas or feedback, please feel free to contact us.